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Wednesday 26 Nov 2014

Bleaching with Goolnik – by popular demand!

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James Goolnik, voted the most influential dentist in the UK, suggests that tooth whitening is just a natural extension to a hygienist and therapist’s duties

All hygienists and therapists are already involved in educating their patients and improving their smiles, even a routine prophy improves the look of their patients’ teeth and thus their self-confidence.
Tooth whitening is a natural progression of this. Delegates come onto Smiles by James courses for three reasons:
1. To learn a new skill. There is no training at undergraduate level regarding the art and science of teeth whitening and very little for dental students, either. They usually learn it from the sales reps.
2. Work in a more fun and dynamic practice. I find that the practices that offer tooth whitening and allow their hygiene and therapy team to be more involved in patient care tend to be more fun and dynamic places to work. They also retain their staff longer.
3. Increase their hourly rate. Patients are happy to invest to get their teeth whiter. In my opinion the hygiene room is the best place to deliver that treatment once the diagnosis and treatment plan has been agreed on in the dental chair.

The course
Smiles by James offers bespoke training courses, based in central London you will spend a full seven hours of verifiable CPD learning the theory of tooth whitening  and then hands-on practice of both power and home whitening.

Workshop Programme
1. Indication for whitening and aetiology of teeth stains
2. Safety of peroxide
3. Science of teeth whitening
4. Demonstration of power whitening
5. How to predict results
6. How to avoid and manage teeth sensitivity
7. Understanding the legality
8. Hands-on practical for power & home whitening
9. How to market teeth whitening
10. Top whitening tips

8.30am: Registration and Tea & Coffee
9am-10.30am: Lecture
10.30-10.45am: Coffee Break
10.45am-1.00pm: Lecture
1.00pm-1.30pm: Lunch Provided
1.30-4.30pm: Hands-On demonstration
4.30-5.00pm: Q&A Session.

• For more information about the course on 25 February 2012, call 0207 236 3600.


She says…


Monika Patel obtained her Bsc (hons) Dental Hygiene and Therapy degree from the University of Birmingham in 2007. Previously also qualified as a nutritionist, she married the two qualifications to take a special interest in patient wellbeing. She is a  member of the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy and the  British Society of Paediatric Dentistry.She says… ‘By attending James Goolnik’s one-day whitening course, I was able to fulfil my patients’ needs by answering their questions, assessing their suitability and dealing with the post-treatment care. The day was structured with theory, a ‘hands on’ session and a quiz. James made the topic easy to listen to, understand and practice. He covered patient suitability to post-operative care. It didn’t feel like I was spending the weekend learning. I would highly recommend every hygienist or therapist to invest in this. Patient and job satisfaction is key, so too gaining confidence to deliver a controversial treatment.’

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